Will you be my Bridesmaid?

There are so many ways to ask the closest women (or men these days!) to be in your wedding party. I have seen so many creative ways of doing this. If you’re like me though and you want to send something that’s creative, personal, but also (let’s be honest) easy, Greetabl has your back.

I’m so excited to be telling you about Greetabl! I am all for it. I literally use it for everything and to be honest, I feel like not enough people know about it. For the record, I picked “will you be my bridesmaid” for the title because I obviously specialize in weddings. This gifting option though can be used by ANYONE not just someone getting married.

Why Greetbl?

I remember a few years ago looking for a gift to send my sister. There was the option to send her a subscription box from various sites, but I kind of just wanted a one time thing? The process in itself was a little confusing where I had to include my sister in signing up which gave the surprise away. In my opinion, I didn’t like it. I also looked into sending gifts from Amazon, but I still didn’t feel that it was personable enough? To me, sending chocolates and flowers were sort of expensive?

Then one day I scrolled through Instagram and found a Greetabl ad. The advertisement was adorable, so I checked it out. I was instantly hooked with the style of the site. It was simple to navigate. I got to personally choose everything from the packaging, items and greeting. In short, Greetabl offered a convenient, personable and affordable way of greeting someone I care about.

How it works.

When arriving to the site, you begin on finding the right design for your box. Next what I normally do is pick out an appropriate gift for the occasion; from candles to gummies to jewelry, there’s lots to choose from! After going through and finding the perfect gift, you have the option of also leaving a gift card or “bonus” gift. The bonus gift is usually something small like glitter, tea, or a face mask. The site will then take you to another page where you can really add your personal touch by adding photos and a message inside.

The best part about the message part is if you have a writer’s block, they have little prompts to work with. Finally when you are ready to send, you can either schedule a time for delivery or send as soon as possible. Could not be any easier.

My go-to

I use Greetabl on a regular basis. It’s honestly fun to receive a package you weren’t expecting in the mail. It’s a great way of telling my fellow wedding vendors and my assistants ‘thank you’. Even outside of Skys the Limit Production, my family and friends enjoy the messages and images I send for their birthdays and holidays.

So whether you need to propose to your gals or let someone know how much they mean to you, give Greetabl a try. I think you’ll like it!

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