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Hello_2020and thank you for visiting Skys the Limit Production! You’re probably here because you are planning one of, if not, the most significant day of your life. You want every moment captured, and captured well. At the top of this page, you may have noticed when arriving at this lovely site is “creative, intimate and lasting”. I strive to stay away from the box of clichĂ©s and create something meaningful to you; after all, no one’s wedding is the same. Your day should be told beautifully and unique as you and your spouse’s love for each other.

Speaking of love, I admire the color yellow; it brings on a feeling of happiness and warmth to me. These are the same emotions I see sprinkled across every wedding I’ve had the privilege of being a part of. Catching those real and honest moments creates joy for me and others, and at the end of the day, all that really matters is making you smile. You are my inspiration. You have a story to tell and I would be honored to visually narrate one of your greatest moments.

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🌻 Sarah                                                               

Skys the Limit Production is a professional videographer and photographer from Dallas servicing weddings. Destination locations are welcomed, but popular locations include the local area like Plano, McKinney, and Fort Worth in North Texas as well as Houston, Beaumont, and Lumberton in Southeast Texas. Since 2015, Skys the Limit Production has been a part of the Texas wedding industry specializing in Weddings, Engagement sessions, and Bridal portraits.