Happily ever after comes in many forms. It could mean finding your true love, calling, or completing your family. However your happiness arrives, Skys the Limit Production uniquely documents your story, so it can be told for years to come.

We’re all about your happily ever after.


My name is Sarah Kae Shelton, but before I was married, I was Sarah Kae Yarbrough – which is why I named my production, SKYS the Limit. It’ll always be a reminder of where I came from. I was a young girl who always preferred to express myself visually. I volunteered for just about anything when it came to filming. In college, I grew a great love and respect for photography. While earning my communications degree; specializing in videography, I learned the very basics of film photography; how to develop, process and print. The romance of it all was overwhelming and I decided I wanted to be a photographer. So after 3 years of working in news, marrying my best friend, and moving twice across Texas, I took a chance on love and now I am capturing it full time. You are my inspiration. You have a story to tell and I would love to visually narrate one of your greatest moments.


Skys the Limit Production is a Video/ Photographer from Dallas servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Plano, McKinney, and Fort Worth as well as Southeast Texas. Skys the Limit Production is a professional Video/ Photographer that has been part of the Texas wedding industry since 2015 specializing in Weddings, Engagement, and Bridal Photography .

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