The Dream Team

Skys the Limit Production would not be able to provide the service that it does without the help of these amazingly talented and reliable colleagues of mine. Not only do they work hard to capture beautiful moments, but they also have fun doing so. Just like me, these photographers and videographers are passionate about their art and are continuously eager to learn more – no matter what stage they’re standing in. I consider this bunch my friends and an absolute joy to work alongside. We are ready and excited to capture your special day.

Sachiko Jayaratne (or Chiko)

Photographer, Videographer, Editor currently in Sri Lanka.

Fun Fact: She’s my one and only outsource for video editing because she is that good!

Kamal Marocha (like Jamal)

Videographer + Photographer in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

Fun Fact: All I hear, when Kamal speaks, is the adorable little yellow bear, Winnie the Pooh. Jokes aside, he is constantly teaching me about other cultures. He provides insight on how to properly capture those couple’s special moments, but also still adding my style to the mix.

Mitchell Junious (production value)

Videographer + Photographer based in Beaumont, Texas.

Fun Fact: We went to Lamar University together in Beaumont and sat through film classes that probably shouldn’t have existed in college 🙂

Brittany Mendoza (or busy little bee)

Photographer based in Beaumont, Texas.

Fun Fact: (mostly a theory) there are actually two Brittanys and I’ve never seen them together in one room.

Marilu Rojas

Videographer based in Dallas- Fort Worth, Texas.

Fun Fact: I love telling her she’s not recording in the middle of a ceremony (just to boost her anxiety a little).

Dawood Tafsir (like THA wood)

Photographer + Videographer based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

Fun Fact: I met Dawood while capturing one of his family member’s wedding!

Jonathan Silverberg

Photographer based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

Fun Fact: For his FIRST wedding, he photographed an Indian wedding with me for over 13 hours at three separate locations. I realized he was just as crazy as us when he agreed to photograph another wedding with us 🙂

Rachel Ferguson (Fergie)

Photographer based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

Fun Fact: Loves food, but do not approach her with seafood. 🤢 Also has the cutest southern accent.

Sarah Shelton

Owner of Skys the Limit Production. I wear all the hats 🙂

Fun Fact: There’s a 75% chance I fall down during the reception.

Others to be listed soon!

Photos that I may or may not get in trouble for 🙂

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