Dorie + Joshua’s Proposal | The Venue by Inn on the Creek in Salado, Texas


Bluebonnet Proposal Austin Texas

The first word that stood out to me when Joshua contacted me was “bluebonnet”. More than anything, rain or shine, he was going to have bluebonnets for the love of his life. He explained this was Dorie’s favorite flower. To symbolize the new chapter in their “life” together, Joshua’s plan was to set out 18 clay pots; an important number in their Jewish culture meaning “life”. He filled each pot with his best friend’s favorite flower. Joshua attached a note and photograph on each plant expressing exactly how he felt towards Dorie.

Rain or Shine

Dorie’s first expression

I was a little bummed at first by the weather. I felt like the rain was not working in our favor. Wildflowers and bluebonnets were hidden away from the muck and rain. Photographers are constantly looking at the weather, light, and time of day because all of this can greatly influence how our photos will look. The Venue by Inn on the Creek in Salado, Texas, however, provided an opportunity. We were able to set the wagon filled with bluebonnets and photographs underneath the venue’s porch. I also took this time to think about rain and umbrella photos. A kind of session I never photographed before.

Will you marry me?

Dorie and Joshua walked closely together sharing an umbrella in the rain. The couple walked up the venue’s stairs to find Joshua’s wagon safely dry inside the porch’s shelter. Dorie read through each card one by one. My own husband recorded video for the couple (since we had an extra camera to spare). By card 18, Joshua got down on his knee and revealed the ring in his shoe. Dorie yelled in excitement “it was in your shoe the whole time!?” She answered, without any doubt, “yes”. The two lovebirds shared a kiss, and we left the couple to allow them a moment alone. Later, we embraced the rain for engagement photos.

Let’s share an umbrella

Dorie and Joshua stayed underneath the umbrella during the whole engagement session. They were more than willing to share kisses and show off that ring for the photos. I witness sincerity and happiness in their expression, and I know their new life will be so much fun together. A few hours prior, Joshua shared their music playlist with me. I took this opportunity to guide them onto the low-lit dance floor. The song I chose was “10,000 Hours” by Dan + Shay with the lyrics beginning with “Do you love the rain, does it make you dance?” After a quick dance, the couple naturally shared a glass of champagne with one another.

If you’re planning a proposal for the love of your life, reach out! Let’s plan!

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