The Final Countdown Until Next Year

Before we count from 10 to 1 this New Year’s Eve, I’d like to share some things I have experienced (with maybe you) in 2017. I’m not going to lie, moving to Dallas seemed intimidating to me. I had never even visited the Big D before looking for apartments here this year. Since most of us will be counting down from 10 at 11:59 P.M. this Sunday night, I’d like to share Skys the Limit Production’s top 10 moments of 2017.


The First Time Flying A Drone for a wedding. I give my drone (Let’s just name him “Blue”) a hard time, but he’s my first and I can’t complain. I spent a couple hundred dollars for Blue and he helped me create some great quality video compared to other drones, that are close to $1,000 and produce less than okay footage. I definitely did my research when I bought him, but the thing with Blue is that he “likes” to wander sometimes; guess that’s my trade-off for good quality video. Our first wedding together,  I almost hit a power-line; which if you look closely in the video below, you can see Blue flying over the lines. The shot looks great, but from my point of view at the time, you can imagine how I felt. Blue made it through though and the video he captured was perfect. I’ve practice with Blue so much more since then and we’ve created pretty amazing highlights. Maybe 2018 holds an upgrade for the little guy?

McClusky Wedding – March 2017

My First University Graduate Session was at College Station. I volunteered to take one of my old childhood friend’s graduation photos. My friend is so extra and I love her for that; those who freely express themselves are usually the most fun to photograph. We were out for hours photographing and trying to create the perfect shots, poses, and waiting for the sunset. Usually the client becomes tired before the photographer, but this time she had me beat. It was worth it though because her photos opened the doors to other opportunities.

Becoming “Wedding Wire Official” I was skeptical about subscribing to all these online sites. You can ask any small business owner, deciding on where to invest your money in can be stressful. I found Wedding Wire and decided to take the leap and dip into my wallet, and honestly, I think the site is one of the top three best investments I’ve made this year. I feel more organized and secure with my clients, and I think they do too. Will I be on WeddingWire next year? Yes, I will be! You can find me here (if you’re a past client, I would really appreciate a review!)  🙂


The First Wedding from Dallas to Southeast Texas was difficult. On a good day, you can get to Beaumont, Texas from Dallas in 5 hours. This drive was long, but the time gave me a chance to reflect on the couple’s personalities and what they love. The first wedding, while in Dallas, was for a couple who booked one of my videography packages. Their wedding was on July 7th in Lumberton, Texas. The couple were young loves; just out of high school. My absolute favorite part of their video is the groom singing “Beneath the dance hall lights. You see my girl so sound. Lights up the ground”. I want to say that their video was the only one I’ve cried at while editing, but that could never be true. Every wedding has touched my heart in their own unique way. Every video holds so much memory. I refuse to let this passion and feeling I have for my work fade away. For those getting married in 2018 or anytime in the future, make a point to hire a videographer, photos are wonderful keepsakes but videos allow you to rewind your whole day and relive it over again.

{Norsworthy Wedding – July, 2017}

It wasn’t until I created my First Business/Promo Video that I realized other forms of “happily ever after” exist. I understood that happiness could be found in things other than finding the “one”, but it wasn’t truly apparent to me until I teamed up with Bimini Sweets Bakery. The owner, Anita started her own business (her happily ever after)  baking cakes, and from seeing all her work, I could tell undoubtedly that this was what she was meant to do. Watching the excitement she had about her work, made me excited. She was on the cooking channel, featured on Cake Hunters. I felt honored that she wanted me to make her video and take photos of her cakes. Not only did I gain a client, but I gained a friend. I’ll always be grateful for her taking the time to meet, a Dallas Newbie. I’ve met some wonderful vendors who have done their fair share in helping me grow this year and I’m looking forward to meeting more in 2018.

If any wedding made me emotional, it was my First Wedding in Dallas.  It all started with two women at a networking luncheon for DFW vendors. They simply came up to me asked for my card because they thought one of their brides were looking for a videographer. I happily gave them the card and a few weeks later I received a call from the mother of the bride. You would think talking with clients would be all business, but this lady was so interesting and sweet! So sweet, in fact that she invited me to watch the McGregor and Mayweather fight at their home. To be honest, wasn’t sure if it would be awkward, but you know, you only live once, so I went. I met with the bride, groom, their little one and the family. I couldn’t stay for the whole fight, but was glad I had the opportunity to meet the whole family before the wedding. I really got to know the couple and I truly believe I made a better wedding video for them because I stepped out of my comfort zone.

{Pemberton Wedding – October 2017}

My First Multi-Cultural Wedding was amazing. Technically, I was hired for only the reception; but maybe next year I’ll get to do a ceremony too! Mobile DJ Services asked me to create a video of their services at this wedding’s reception and it was incredible. Beautiful designs and rich colors everywhere. Fruits were in bouquets, lights were everywhere, and everyone was dressed so stunningly. A special dance was done just for the bride and groom, but it certainly wasn’t the only dance because once everyone was finished eating, the young and old were on their feet. Rick, the DJ, did an amazing job and he kept the energy alive in the room. Stay tuned for their video in January.

{Previous Mobile DJ Services Promo Video created by Skys the Limit Production}

Couldn’t have asked for a better First Family Session in Dallas. They had won a free session with Skys the Limit Production. I was so nervous, I called a trusted friend before the shoot; it had been a long time since I had taken family photos. As always, we ended the conversation with “It’ll work out”. The day did more than just worked out, it was perfect. A beautiful couple and two sweet girls with great personalities. I was proud to do their photos. I can’t wait for more next year.

First Mini Photo Session. I had a friend, in Beaumont, convince me to just go for it. I probably wouldn’t have even thought of it if she didn’t randomly text me one day about Christmas photos. I took the idea she gave me and ran with it. I decided since I just moved to Dallas, why don’t I start my first mini where I came from just to see how it goes; a try-out. I called up the Bozeman’s Christmas Tree Farm in Lumberton, TX and set up a date. Heritage House Wedding Rentals & More helped out by letting us use their couch! The photo session was definitely a success, we had all kinds of families come out including some newly weds and engaged couples. Hopefully, this will be the start of a Christmas tradition.

First Proposal in Dallas, Not only was this my first proposal in Dallas, it was my smoothest proposal yet. I didn’t do it all alone though, I had help planning with Jeanette from JP Will Design in Austin as well as my friends from Daydream Events by Jess in Dallas helping with photos. The day before the proposal, we searched all over the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical gardens looking for that the perfect spot. We finally found a huge lighted Christmas tree at the opening of a tunnel of other trees and that’s where our client chose to propose. We captured every minute from the couple walking down the rows of trees, her shock when he popped the question and the excitement and joy when she said yes. Our clients’ family was there to see it all. The whole experience truly made everyone’s Christmas!

With 2017 coming to an end, Jess Deltoro and I are Looking Ahead To 2018. Skys the Limit Production and Daydream Events by Jess are partnering up because we want to help brides and vendors alike. We want spot light wedding vendors who would like to educate brides about their services while also show casing their talents. We’d also like to provide  brides with useful tips, tricks and trends for their wedding day. That is why we are creating “First Comes Love” our wedding vlog. This is definitely a new adventure for us, but we feel like it would be helpful to so manyWe hope you like/join our Facebook page here to catch our first vlog coming in 2018.

{I also want to thank and give a shout out to Sheena and Madison Yarbrough, Katie MacKinnon, Mitchell Junious, Rachel Gilster and Chris Deltoro for helping out. You are all so talented and I’ve had the pleasure of working with you this year.}



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