Heartache with Hurricane Harvey

I may live in Dallas, but my heart is with Southeast Texas this week. I’ve seen people escape from their homes on boats. Some of them being my own close friends. I’ve even had other friends that have just moved into new apartments and even houses THIS year just to see their homes get flooded in by the storm. This historical natural disaster is gut-wrenching. Yesterday, my husband got a call from one of his best friends. His friend told him his uncle had lost EVERYTHING – his house, car and belongings – from Harvey. Then right there, in my husband’s friend’s bedroom, his uncle tried to end his own life with a gun. My husband’s friend was able to stop him and police were able to handle the situation later. One of the officers told the uncle, “all day we’ve been rescuing people who are trying to stay alive and here you are trying to kill yourself – know that I lost my home too.” I’m sharing this with everyone because the storm is affecting more than just people’s “things”, it’s affecting their hearts as well, as you can tell. Thoughts and prayers are definitely needed. As of right now, I’m extremely blessed to know my family is okay. They’re high and dry from the floods. I know what you might be thinking, why is this video/photography page talking about the hurricane that’s happening outside of Dallas? Shouldn’t you be discussing this photo or this video? My answer is that I care way more about the people in my photos than the photograph itself. I am more than just your video/photographer, I am your friend. I have more brides in Buna, Beaumont, Silsbee, Lumberton and etc. than I do in Dallas. For sure I care! They are so much more than clients to me. I couldn’t imagine having to deal with this weather with my wedding around the corner. I realize there may be some couples dealing with venue or date changes or even a temporary cancel until further notice. Recently, I saw on the news where a very unlucky couple had to reschedule their wedding for the third time thanks to Hurricane Harvey! I feel like I can’t do much, but I do know I will be flexible for those who have weddings coming up in SETX! Just throw me a text or email and we can work this out! Either way, your day will still be special and still be captured.

To all my past and future Brides and Grooms in Southeast Texas, you’re on my mind and in my heart. Know that I’m prayin’ for y’all.


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